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Web site support

Web site support Web site support - is an actual concept. As world experience shows, if owners of Internet site refuse from support or done it by themselves, this causes decline of project. If you will not support web site, your investment, time and efforts will be waste.

Professional web site support - this is the main condition of it effective functioning and preservation it on higher positions in searching results. Maintenance of old users and involving of new one is possible only in clearly organized work and renewal of resources in time.

Web site support realized according to such directions:

1. Technical support:
  • daily monitoring of site function;
  • realization of reserve information duplication and backups preservation;
  • registration and support of domain names, in necessity transferring site to another hosting;
  • support of letterboxes.

2. Informational support:

  • redaction of existence content;
  • bringing in new information to site: price list, goods/services, news, articles and others;
  • text adaptation for the Internet;
  • graphics optimization and correction.

3. Advertising-searching support:

  • arrangement of advertising materials on subjects resources;
  • site optimization for searching systems;;
  • forming of reports about statistic of site visiting (amount of pages revising and unique users, number of users, who visit site repeatedly and others).


Web site support

Price ($ per month)

Site-visiting card from 60
Business-site from 80
Internet-shop from 100
Individual from 60