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Web site promotion

Web site promotion

To create easy and functional web site is not enough. It's necessary to declare about its existence and involve on site purpose-oriented audience - potential clients. That is why site promotion of Internet-resource is one of the main task in the complex of work concerning web site creation and development.

During web site promotion such stages are distinguished:

1. Site optimization for searching systems

90% of users search new web sites with the help of searching systems, looking through, as the rule, only first pages in search results. Sites, which are presented in the first numbers, visitors are considered the leader in this sphere and pay particular heed to these web-resources.

Web site optimization is a number of tasks, which guarantee site arrangement on the first pages, according to the user request and according to this raise visiting and effectiveness of your Internet resource (web site).

The end of site optimization for searching systems is: increase of purpose-oriented audience, improvement of site positions in searching systems according to subject request of your resource, growth of company image and size of goods services selling.

This kind of site promotion includes:

  • learning of Internet-surroundings (analysis of active searching requests, learning of site competitors, their places in searching systems);
  • formation of semantic site core (selection of key words and combination of words on site theme, which will be use for searching information, valuing of each key phrase, synonym);
  • optimization of site pages (optimal arrangement of key phrases in text, filling of pages by new contents, creation of specialized advertising information parts);
  • registration in searching systems (site registration is directed that searching system know about its existing. Registered web resource has influence on positions of site delivery according to key request. We will prepare detailed description of your resource and register it in all necessary searching systems).

2. Registration in thematic catalogues, references arrangement on specialized sites, forums and notice boards.

Due to direct transits site registration in catalogues increases visiting and as the result of index rise increase quotation (frequency of site reference on other Internet resource). The more sites refer on your resource the quicker searching system will find it and arrange it on the first pages.

3. Statistics of web site visiting, analysis of work effectiveness and support of received results

  • statistics of site visiting (amount of pages examination and unique users; number of users, who visit site repeatedly and others);
  • analysis of web site competitive, monitoring of positions;
  • support of web site rating (it's not enough to rise on the first places in searching system, site can quickly as lose its positions as to get it. That's why it's very important to support its high rating).


Price for web site promotion: from 190 $/per month