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Web-design studio WebStudio

Web site development Web site promotion Web site support Web site hosting

Web-design studio Web Studio offers all necessary complex of services concerning web sites development, hosting, promotion and support.

Individual approach to each order gives us an opportunity to create projects, which fulfil all your aims and make maximum effect.

Our main task is to create easy and clear web site, which will be not only a visiting card of your company, but also an important information resource and power marketing instrument.

It helps you to solve such tasks as:
  • the formation of individual company's image;
  • the operative informing about commodities/services;
  • new markets of sale and attraction of new clients;
  • the interactive connection with business partners;
  • the growth of competitiveness of company.

Web site development is a business half only, as a site without visitors is a dead site. That is why after web site development we offer services of its hosting, promotion and support. Promotion allows a web site to take the leading places in searching systems and will bring to your resource purpose-oriented audience. Web site support guarantees you that your site will be always actual, it can be done by our studio or directly by yourself (by WebStudioCMS).

Principles of work of Web Studio - easiness of site perception, informational content and its capacity to bring profit.


Web site development

Size: upto 15 pages.
Term of fulfilment: 10-20 days
Prices: from 390 $

Size: unlimited.
Term of fulfilment: 20-30 days
Prices: from 590 $

Size: unlimited.
Term of fulfilment: 20-40 days
Prices: from 790 $

Size: unlimited.
Term of fulfilment: 10-40 days.

Prices: may be discussed.


Web site promotion

To create easy and functional web site is not enough. It's necessary to declare about its existence and involve on site purpose-oriented audience - potential clients. That is why site promotion of Internet-resource is one of the main task in the complex of work concerning web site creation and development.

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Web site support

Web site support - is an actual concept. As world experience shows, if owners of Internet site refuse from support or done it by themselves, this causes decline of project. If you will not support web site, your investment, time and efforts will be waste.

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